SOPROVAM Company is specialized in poultry breeding, white meat production and its transformation under the trade name “DHAYAATI”. Thanks to the competencies in various disciplines, the efforts made by our staffs and the proper use of advanced technologies in the slaughter, we have become a leader in the local market as to quality and production quantity.

Production methods have been updated in conformity with the growing needs of the market using the latest global technological methods in manufacturing and packaging of poultry.

In order to support food security for the consumer and provide the finest products of slaughtered poultry at the best value and the most suitable price while optimizing the levels of safety, the company has obtained the certificate of international standards ISO 22 000 since 200.

It also obtained the first healthy authentication for turkeys slaughtering in Tunisia.

Nos produits

Certifié ISO 22000

Certificat d´Agrément sanitaire
vétérinaire AV 06-01
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